Tuesday, August 28, 2012

a2 foodie diaries: zingerman's

both of us with free schedules, we finally made it to Zingerman's!

there was a line out the door, as there usually is at lunchtime, but employees came around to the crows with menus, and once you got closer to the door, there were yummy samples! Zingerman's is actually a really cool place. there is an impossible number of sandwiches to choose from, and the staff is extremely helpful. we even checked out and samples cheeses, breads, oils and vinegars from their impressively extensive deli and marketplace.

I ordered the muffaleo, which had Italian mortadella, all-beef salami, Arkansas peppered ham, provolone cheese, Zingerman’s olive tapenade and balsamic vinaigrette served on a grilled Italian paesano roll. it was really tasty, and the girl giving samples while we were waiting in line said that it was her favorite. I wish it were more balsamic-y, but it was reeeeally good.

Jordan ordered Binny’s Brooklyn Reuben, which had pastrami, Switzerland Swiss cheese, sauerkraut and Russian dressing on grilled pumpernickel bread. amazing! Jordan tasted mine and I tasted his, and we ended up liking each other's better.

yeah, there were no leftovers. while quite pricey, Zingerman's is pretty darn good. like I said, the staff is very, very helpful. while we were waiting for our food, someone came over to us, and said, "You two have been sitting here for a while. What did you order? I'm going to go check on it for you," and sure enough he came back a few minutes later with our lunch. it's just a really eccentric place. one of those places people will tell you you have to go if you visit Ann Arbor. whether for the deli and marketplace or for the sandwiches, next time you're in Ann Arbor, visit Zingerman's!

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