Saturday, September 1, 2012

a2 foodie diaries: grizzly peak

time for another edition of foodie diaries! Jordan and I visited Grizzly Peak. we've been there before, but I feel like their menu is always changing.

we started off with some freshly baked bread and butter. I think it was rye bread, so as a longtime boycotter of the caraway seed, I was not a fan. the butter was ok. it was whipped, which I liked because it was nice and fluffy. but it had scallions mixed in. which sounds great! it was just really, really onion-y. maybe it was the combination, but next time I think I'll pass on the bread.

the calamari, however, was awesome. it was corn dusted, flash-fried, and served with rosemary dijon aioli. a little bit of bruschetta tomatoes on the side as well. the calamari was tender. definitely not chewy. and a bite of calamari-bruschetta-aioli combo was awesome.

Jordan ordered the triple meat pie. it had pepperoni, bacon and Italian sausage and mozzarella over roasted tomato sauce. there were no survivors, so I guess that means it was really good.

I ordered the chicken couscous salad, which is  a grilled chicken breast, couscous, dried cherries, red onion marmalade, and spring greens with curry vinaigrette. foolishly, I thought it would be a lot of couscous and a little of everything else. the dressing, couscous, and onion marmalade was amazing, I just wish there was more going on with the rest of the salad. the chicken was grilled plain, I did not detect any seasoning. the greens were dry as well. the dressing was only on the couscous portion. I guess the idea is that you cut up the chicken and mix everything together, but I guess it just wasn't what I was expecting. I ended up taking most of it home, eating the rest of the couscous later and tossing the rest away :X

but the beer was good, as always. I got the HMS Sheerwater IPA and Jordan got Grizzly Peak's County Cork Irish Stout.

although I don't think I'll order the couscous salad again, we'll definitely be back to Grizzly Peak. not only do we love the atmosphere, but the service is always good, the beer is always cold, and the food is usually great.

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