Thursday, June 23, 2011

finally bought a plane ticket!

I did it! It may have cost me a small fortune, and I may have been so nervous that I was starting to hyperventilate, but I did it.

I ignored which days were "best" for travel, and just bought the date that was cheapest. I leave on October 28th and I'll be back on December 26th. Plane tickets and how they work is a damn mystery to me.  I just hope I did everything right.  I'm glad my dad told me to sign up for one of those frequent flier mile programs, because I'll be racking up 22,468 miles on my round-trip flight.  Maybe it will get me something good!

Here are some other interesting numbers:
  • I will be spending 23h 20m on an airplane for my flights to Australia, and 6h 5m in the airport between flights.
  • I will be spending 22h on an airplane for my flight home from Australia, and a whopping 19h 25m in the airport between flights.

Like I said, it's price I'm more worried about, so I don't mind too much about having to change flights 3 times (yes, that means I'll be on 4 different airplanes, each way), or about long layovers. I just wish that my near-17 hour layover were ANYWHERE BUT DALLAS. Anything interesting to do in Dallas for half a day? :(

125 days!

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