Sunday, February 9, 2014

life lately

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Sunday, January 19, 2014

postsecret love

I have logged on to postsecret's website every Sunday religiously for years. each week, I like to pick one or two secrets that resonate with me. this week, there were several beautiful and harrowing secrets that struck that chord with me. enjoy them, and visit postsecret on Sundays for new secrets.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

january birchbox (+ more!)

this month's theme is go time. it's all about finding the inspiration to become more adventurous in 2014. I'm all for it. bring it on.

in ze box:
Serge Normant meta revive dry conditioner
ZENMED gentle cleansing cream
Nail Rock glitter
100% Pure fruit pigmented mascara in black tea ultra lengthening
ahmad tea london assorted teas

so, the first thing I did was trade my red glitter polish with my mom's navy velvet one (I got her a 3-month subscription for Christmas :">). I am not a fan of glitter polish, though I admit that the ruby-slippers look may be kinda awesome. the velvet polish is way cool though. the teeny little fibers that stick to the polish have stayed soft for a couple days now, but it's about time for a touch-up.

second, the fruit-pigmented mascara. a-maz-ing. we all know I'm a sucker for all-natural and organic beauty products, and this is no exception. is it weird for me to say that this mascara smells amazing? with an ingredient lineup of organic green tea extract, blackberry, blackcurrent, and raspberry extracts, and cocoa powder, how can it not?! and it works beautifully.

I'm a bit nervous about the dry conditioner. I received a Serge Normant dry shampoo in a past box, and I hated it so much, I ended up giving it away. I have had 2 more dry shampoo samples since, and loved them. here's to hoping this sample doesn't let me down.

I checked the back of the zenmed gentle cleansing cream, and it's non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic. score. I also appreciate the vegetarian formula.

I'm sure the ahmad teas will be great. I received apricot, mint and english breakfast.

I apologize for slacking on past birchboxes. here are a few favorite products:

Lulu Organics lavender + clary sage hair powder - smells incredible. I use it on my hair every other day. I ordered the Klorane dry shampoo full-size after I got a sample, and this tiny lulu sample has completely replaced it. love that it has no propellant or talc, and all the ingredients are organic. feels great.
BeeKind Body Lotion - smells great, fast-absorbing, and a portion of the proceeds from every BeeKind purchase goes toward the Honey Bee Research Program at the University of California at Davis! love.

I ordered the Snow Day box! some faves are the S.W. Basics lip balm (I got cinnamon), the (MALIN+GOETZ) candle (I got cannabis), and the Happy Socks!

Dr Jart+ water fuse beauty balm - amazing coverage. totally evens out my skin tone, adds moisture, doesn't make me break out, and I feel as if I'm not wearing any makeup. perfect 10. ordered the full size.

I also adore the Benefit fakeup from my October box and the Le Couvent des Minimes gardener's hand healer from my September box.

birchbox delivers 4-5 deluxe beauty samples delivered right to your door for only $10/month. check it out here! it's super fun!

*all opinions are my own, and I am not compensated in any way for sharing my opinions. I share these posts because I think Birchbox is a great way to discover new products. plus, it's fun to get something fun in the mail every month*

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

the fog is lifting

can you believe how long it's been since I've updated my blog? is it even a blog anymore? is anybody out there?

anyway, I have moved out of my fabulous apartment, which probably explains my absence for the most part. no more little adventures to report, or macarons eaten, or taking myself on dates to my favorite little spots around town.

it's not an ideal situation, but I'm surviving. I couldn't do it alone, and I'm very fortunate to be dating someone so fantastically perfect for me that it makes me wonder what I did to deserve his attention.

for now, I am here to say... I'm here. I hope to be able to enjoy writing more in the near future. I can feel extraordinary things happening.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

simplified datebook from laura!

a couple weeks ago I entered Laura's Simplified Datebook Giveaway... and I won! when I came home late last night, there was a package sitting on my porch!!!!!

you know she wrapped it in pink paper ;)

she even threw in a couple of extras. because she is amazing. how amazing is she?! this is not rhetorical. I actually want you all to tell me how amazing you think she is :)

and the datebook looks amazing. I go back to work for some training before the school year starts, so I will truly be able to report on how amazing it is after I begin using it!

Laura's blog is wonderful. a mix of photos, product shares/reviews, some birchblogging, and posts about daily life. not to mention her adorable pup, Riley! what's not to love? you should all go check it out!!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

life lately

I know I have been cruddy at updating. a lot has been going on. I would say that I will be better about it, but I honestly don't know if I will! so for now, here is a short life update:

I have been exploring the city a lot,

and eating macarons. so, so many macarons,

occasionally some "real" food,

and consequently doing yoga several times a week,

and of course, doing my nails and getting away on the weekends,

and going on lots of dates. with myself,

oh and maybe with Brett Dennen as well,
we're an item now, it's no big deal.

I have been a bit of a social media freak lately. instagram has always been a favorite, so feel free to check it out if you haven't already! my username is sofia_maria.

I can't promise that I will post more often, but I can promise that I will try. I hope my few readers enjoy my efforts on this extremely photo-heavy post!