Sunday, March 10, 2013

things I ♥ today: instagram round-up

Sarah, aka @alostfeather, celebrated her dog, Boo's, birthday. how sweet is that?

love this photo of a snowy nyc by Sharon, aka @cacahuete_sr

stunning shot by @cadencemeeks. I love the flowers, and the creativity in the gradation.

such cute little plush puppies! photo by @elsiecake, but crafted by @sleepy_king!

our sweet friends' little girl with her grandpa. isn't she so posh? ;) photo by @keegane

MUST try this breakfast. thanks for the lovely photo and foodie inspiration, @laylalay

love the softness in this shot by @lindsaycrandall. the meaning behind it is interesting as well. part of #fmsphotoaday.

such beautiful flowers by Danni, aka @ohhellofriend. I wish I knew where I could see this many beauties.

Kaylah, aka, @thedaintysquid always has such amazing collections

and Janee, aka @yellowbirdyellowbeard, shares a beautiful photo of some pink tulips. I love the contrast with the white background

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Sunday, March 3, 2013

on yoga

I've been feeling super out of shape (truth) and super down on myself because of it, so I started going to yoga classes again. it's amazing how different the experience can be, depending on the studio and the instructor. it's a different experience entirely. I've been feeling more confident in the accuracy of my poses, even though I can't do most of them because I'm so inflexible. and I'm still not feeling very strong. but I'll get there.