Monday, June 18, 2012

fathers' day

so I spent this past weekend at my parents' house. despite the usual madness, it was nice being home.

I played with puppies all weekend, went out for dinner on Saturday night for my parents' anniversary, and had some yummy french toast on Sunday morning to celebrate Fathers' Day. I would have liked to stay for Fathers' Day Indian buffet, but I had to work at 2 and no one would take my shift :(

stupidly, I dent take any photos of anything worthwhile. I have been taking my K-x with me practically everywhere, but the last time I used it was at the beginning of the month for Mothers' Day.

and since I don't have any photos from this weekend (sorry, Dad), I guess I'll share those.

ahaha, they're going to kill me for posting that first one, but it's just too good.

all in all, I'm grateful to have such supportive parents. I wouldn't be where I am today if it weren't for them. they put up withe through my shy childhood, my awkward teenage years, and my very mixed-up young adulthood. thank you, Mom and Dad for being you, and for letting me be me.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

court's kids

I first heard about Court's Kids in my capstone class. when I checked it out, I was blown away that people would just be willing to give away books to teachers for free. it seemed like a long shot. however, when I sent an email, I got a speedy reply from Kiki, the organization's president and co-founder.

it had to be one of the nicest emails I've ever received. she was so willing to help and interested in the group of students I was requesting the books for. she said it may take up to 3 weeks to receive the books, but less than a week later, they were sitting on my doorstep. how cool! and I couldn't believe how many books there were. truly incredible.

Court's Kids is an organization dedicated to "provide special education programs with the books and materials they need." check out their website! →

Sunday, June 3, 2012

deuce giveaway

a few weeks back, I won a giveaway from Kinsey's blog. I was innocently reading a post about a glass bottle pendant DIY, and was surprised to see the annoucement of the winner at the bottom with my name! it took a minute or two to explain to Jordan why I was dancing around the room, but boys just don't understand these things ;)

I couldn't believe it! I was really excited about this giveaway, too. both because I adore Kinsey's blog, and because it was for a $50 gift card to Deuce Fashion. Jamie Cox is the shop owner and designer, and her pieces are gorgeous and, best of all, unique. I was drawn to her shop right away, and was over the moon when I read in Kinsey's blog that I had won!

it was such a tough decision, but I chose:

a necklace with yellow recycled sea glass and brass cylinders

and a necklace with dalmatian jasper inside a gold triangle pendant.

amazing! I wear them both all the time, and I have gotten so many compliments.

check out Kinsey's beautiful blog. it's full of fashion, DIYs, and showcases her amazing talent for photography. Jamie also has a blog and an etsy shop, where she displays her talent for jewelry design, as well as tidbits of her daily life :)

I miss yoga

my groupon to a local yoga studio expired, and I have been too lazy (and nervous to spend the $80) on a month's worth of yoga classes. I have to admit, though, I feel very different abstaining from yoga. after each class, I felt amazing and healthy, and now I feel like a lump. I've definitely felt an increase in stress, and subsequently, weight gain. I'll have to bite the bullet sooner or later.

I know that the Y has discounted student memberships, and it's cheaper than a yoga studio. but there's only one class called "Yoga" at the Y, which is free for members. I just like the variety of classes offered at a yoga studio. now that I've been spoiled by studio classes, I don't know if I should do it! the availability of a pool at the Y is attractive, though...

anyway, I may just have to find some good video classes while I decide.