Thursday, August 15, 2013

simplified datebook from laura!

a couple weeks ago I entered Laura's Simplified Datebook Giveaway... and I won! when I came home late last night, there was a package sitting on my porch!!!!!

you know she wrapped it in pink paper ;)

she even threw in a couple of extras. because she is amazing. how amazing is she?! this is not rhetorical. I actually want you all to tell me how amazing you think she is :)

and the datebook looks amazing. I go back to work for some training before the school year starts, so I will truly be able to report on how amazing it is after I begin using it!

Laura's blog is wonderful. a mix of photos, product shares/reviews, some birchblogging, and posts about daily life. not to mention her adorable pup, Riley! what's not to love? you should all go check it out!!


  1. So glad you love it! I'm completely obsessed with all my Simplified Planner stuff! Thanks for the love!


  2. Those post-its are great, especially the dreambig!

  3. Eek! What a brilliant prize! I love the book especially!

    Lost in the Haze


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