Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Anthropologie has arrived!

aahhh I'm sorry that I suck at updating.

last Thursday my Anthropologie package came in the mail!!! I was sooo excited (see, mom? blog giveaways ARE real! :D)!

even the packaging is beautiful and mysterious :)

the wavering glasses and latte bowls sit snugly in my china cabinet
the milk bottle measuring cups and the zigzag tights aren't pictured, sorry :\ I wore the tights out to dinner the night I recieved them, though. LOOOOVE. the the milk bottle measuring cups I wanted to leave in their nice packaging because I intend to re-gift them.

but everything is fabulous. I think we will break in the wavering glasses this weekend with some cocktails - who knows! they are so fun. and I love the color of the latte bowls. I think I made the right choice, going for the retro.

AND two days later, I was driving to East Grand Rapids and I found that AN ANTHROPOLOGIE STORE OPENED TWO MONTHS AGO, 5 MINUTES FROM MY HOUSE. very annoyed. I paid $14 to ship all this stuff, and I could have gone to buy it myself! ah well. I'm still happy with everything, and that's that.


  1. I love the bowls, the colors are amazing! Very summery and retro!

    I love Anthropologie! I got cabinet hardware for our bathroom there and I could easily blow my whole paycheck there!

  2. Love me some anthropologie, just wish they weren't so dang pricey! Your collection is wonderful.

  3. Loooove it! I have the yellow latte bowls and absolutely love them!

    I am featuring a My Memories Scrapbook Giveaway on my blog that I would love for you to enter! And a Sunday Link up called Wish! {out loud} that you should participate in!


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