Tuesday, August 21, 2012

my first birchbox

holy moly, I am so excited! I spent a few days at my parents' house, and when I got back, my Birchbox had arrived! eee!

Laura of Caffeinated Pinkaholic gifted me a 3-month subscription as a giveaway on her blog! she's the best!
what's in ze box:
 CleanWell | individual hand sanitizing wipes
Germ-busting cloths made with thyme oil

Juicy Couture | Viva la Juicy La Fleur
A "feminine blend" of wild berries, mandarin, and waterlily

TALIKA | lipocils expert
Plant-derived lash serum to spur growth with no side effects

theBalm | Stainiac in beauty queen
A long-lasting sheer gel lip and cheek stain

Yu-Be | moisturizing skin cream
Best-selling Japanese cream for lips, heels, and hands

and my lifestyle extra was:
 LÄRABAR | über in Apple Turnover
Fruit and nut bar

I'm over the moon. this Birchbox thing is so cool. you fill out a profile and they send you samples suited to your preferences. freaking brilliant!

I already tried the Viva la Juicy perfume; it's really nice! I'm soo picky with perfumes, so I'm surprised that I like it. perfect size for my purse too!

I'm excited to use the Lipocils Expert, mostly because I have a nasty habit of pulling out my loose eyelashes. I've seen commercials for lash-growing serums on tv, but I've been wary to try them because of all the horrible side effects (like permanent darkening of the skin and/or irises of your eyes!), and I have super sensitive skin, so it'd likely happen to me. but this TALIKA is made only from botanical ingredients, so it has virtually no side effects. not to mention, it's French.

I also have no experience with lip stains. it says it's for cheeks too, but due to my sensitive/acne prone skin, I'll probably only use the Stainiac on my lips.

there's also some individually-wrapped hand sanitizing wipes, some skin cream, and a Larabar in my box. excited to use them all and will definitely tell about the results!

oh yeah, and you can use this fabulous link to sign up for your very own Birchbox subscription. only $10/month! I know you'll love it!


  1. So glad that you liked your first box! :) I have gotten that Larabar flavor (at Target, not in a Birchbox) and it tasted AMAZING!


  2. This looks like a fun box ;)
    I love boxes filled to the brim with fun surprises. Enjoy your birch box girl :)


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