Monday, February 18, 2013

things I love today: instagram edition

since getting my new iPhone, I have been more of an instagram addict than ever! here are a few of my favorite shots over the past week from people I follow. many of these talented people also have blogs. those that I know, I put below each photo for you reading pleasure.

to start, I have to show you two photos from Claire, aka frenchforcupcake
I love following her because she is always posting her amazing cupcake creations for her business, Lily Pink Bakery. you can always expect something new and delicious-looking. I only wish I lived in Belfast so I could savor a taste.

and I couldn't resist sharing this. how cute is this little sausage? it's Claire's dog, Lola. now do you see why I had to share two?

next, an adorable photo from Elsie, aka elsiecake. how cute is her pug, Suki?

I recently started following alice_gao. if you love food photography, interesting landscapes, and all things beautiful, definitely give her a look.

ah, truelane. these posts wouldn't be complete without a photo from Chelsea. she sometimes posts these mirrored photos that I find so interesting! plus, she's so fashionable, it's pretty much impossible for her to take a boring shot. I have to figure out how she does it!

I also really, really enjoy sandrajuto's feed. her photos often make appearances in my favorites. lots and lots of food and lovely landscapes like this one :)

what's not to love in this photo by stylebook? contrasting colors and patterns get me every time.

next is this little gem from Juliette, aka spirson. she posts lots of photos of her awesome dog, but the POV is what I love about this one.

I have always been envious of people who are able to execute the perfect self-portrait. Kinsey of sincerelykinsey is such a talented photographer, and this self-portrait she took is just perfect.

I also recently started following simpleffects's feed. I think it was the simplicity of her photos that drew me in. plus, these studded CTs are pretty awesome.

the last photo comes to you from Beca, aka tumbleweedshc. how amazingly cute is this wooden spoon??? Beca and her husband Doug own a small business. they design and create amazingly beautiful wood veneer sunglasses. occasionally, Beca will post something else that Doug has created, such as this wooden spoon. isn't it the best? I'm in love with it!
>>>Beca's (former) blog<<<

and if you want, you can follow me, though I can't promise that I will be able to entertain you better than any of these ladies :)


  1. What a cute pug!!! Adorable.

    xox Lara

  2. Lots of really amazing pics here.


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