Friday, November 4, 2011

lessons learned and aussie colloquialisms

tea = dinner
boot = trunk (of a car)
thongs = flip-flops
toilet = bathroom
Where's Wally? = Where's Waldo? :)
full stop = period (at the end of a sentence)
bubbler = drinking fountain
rub off = erase (I had to ask a student to repeat herself several times when she asked if she could "rub  off" the white board)
wind screen = windshield of a car
stubby = bottle of beer
torch = flashlight
shocking = very bad
sook = a complainer
biscuits = cookies

  • I have been stashing my toothbrush in a zipper case because lizards, spiders, and cockroaches are common house guests
  • parents and siblings can just walk into a classroom and hang out for the day if they like
  • my first day, I was getting to know names. there is a girl in my class who I thought was named "Taylor" because everyone pronounced it "Tayla..." her name is actually spelled "Tayla."
  • students can say "damn" and "hell" in class, and that is perfectly acceptable (I teach 9-11 year olds)

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