Thursday, November 10, 2011

teaching lately

school was really great today (even though the mozzies are STILL attacking me 24/7). I'm starting to get to know my students better, and it's been a lot of fun. I think the novelty of having an American teacher has worn off, and they're responding to me more as a real teacher, and wanting to genuinely get to know me, which is nice. I read M is for Mitten earlier this week, and they loved it. they were making predictions what each letter of the alphabet would stand for, and some of their guesses were so funny. next week, we will write our own book about Australia that I can take with me back to the States :)

Venn diagrams!
I taught more about Venn Diagrams today, and Mara (the teacher I'm working with) had a big bin of different colored animals and people, so I let the kids get creative and sort them using the diagram. some of their ideas were so good!

so it!
we also go do an activity with a buddy class every Thursday. our buddy class is younger, so our kids get to feel like they are really helping them out, which is so important. first, they read a story to their buddy, and then they had their buddy try to find their way through a maze they have been working on creating in maths.

after school, Kaye picked me up and we did a little shopping. thank goodness she called me, because it has been raining a LOT (I got soaked on the way to the bus this morning), and it was looking quite dreary by the time school let out. at the mall, we bought a "sick present" for Hannah because she didn't feel well today, and stayed home from school. it was perfect, and ironically, just what she wanted :)

♥ my aussie mum! :)
I have been eating SO MANY mangoes and avocados, but I'll never get sick of them. they are exponentially tastier on this side of the globe. that, and there are 2 coconut trees in our yard, and I can't wait to try them! I'm told that they'll be falling soon.

I will leave you with this: one of my students asked me how old I was, and I told her to guess. she guessed that I was in my 30s. last time I will ask a student to guess my age.

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