Thursday, November 17, 2011

Obama in Darwin!

earlier this week, Kaye and Roger took us out to the Darwin Boat Club for dinner. the food was amazing, and we had an incredible view of the beach, the water, and the beautiful sunset from our table outside. and when we came home, we saw a CANE TOAD outside the gate. they're an invasive species here, and are killing off a lot of the other wildlife because they're poisonous. I had never seen one before, and I was definitely not expecting them to be so massive.

Mr. Cane Toad
more Harry Potter book covers :X
yesterday, school went pretty well. I whipped up a new math center in a couple of hours while the kids were at P.E. and music class. I am teaching another week of Venn diagrams, but this time I gave them an activity they can do to create their own, and they've really enjoyed it so far. My CT even asked me if she could keep it when I left :)

after school, we hit the shops at Casuarina and made a few impulse buys. this is going to sound weird, but Aussie K-Mart is the BOMB. I bought 2 pairs of shoes (sorry, mom) and a skirt for $25. such good shopping here. definitely going to miss that when I go back to the States.

five dollar shoes! FIVE DOLLARS!
is it possible to be in love with shoes?
today, Hannah and I took the day off school with hopes of seeing President Obama in Darwin. it was such a shock that he was here that we figured if we called around to the embassy and consulate and the NT's Chief Minister's office, that we'd be able to see him at one of his events. yeah, not so easy.

not only did that not work out (surprising, right?), but lots of roads were closed off, and there were no public viewing areas at the war memorial that he visited before he went to the military base.

photo © the news
1st female PM with 1st black president :)
photo © the news
(as I'm writing this, I jumped up and ran outside because I heard some VERY LOUD fighter jets flying near the house... too many clouds to see anything though) it was still exciting that he was here while we were here, and we got to watch it on tv :)

other than that, a fairly lazy day. even though we didn't get to see the President, I was still glad I had the day off today because I woke up not feeling the greatest. I'll just have to vote for him again in the next election so I have a chance to see him again!


  1. I love this! I cannot wait to hear about all of your adventure MATE! Do they say that in Aussie world?

  2. they sure do! and yes, they say g'day as well :)


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