Monday, December 19, 2011

farewell, Darwin

the table was so adorable
well, today's the day. I leave Darwin for Sydney this afternoon. I'll be there for about a week before heading home to Michigan on Boxing Day. bittersweet is a word that a lot of people use when describing positive change, but at this juncture, I'm struggling to see the sweet. I guess I have to look at it this way: I'm seizing the opportunity to see another city in this beautiful country before I leave for the States. I've met the most gracious, fun-loving people in Darwin, and it didn't take long for me to feel like I have a real home here, and I always will. I'm going to miss Kaye, Roger, Blake and Fran like crazy.

the most adorable decorations in the world
digging in!
I made a few frantic attempts last night to see the people I'd grown to love before I was off for good, but some fell through of course. I felt like I've finally gotten closer to some of the people I met, and now I'm off. I think I just got so sad about leaving and really wanted to see everyone one more time before I left. even the people who I didn't spend heaps of time with made huge impacts on me, and I think I was panicking a bit at the thought of leaving them.  it's a hard thing to do, leaving someplace that you consider home, for an undetermined length of time.

Kaye as Santa :)
lots of champagne-fueled fun
Sunday roast last night was beautiful. we had Christmas decorations, delicious food, and the best company. Kaye and Fran played Santa and we listened to Santa Koala about a thousand times over and had a few good laughs. saying goodbye to them all was absolutely heartbreaking. after dinner, Blake took us out to East Point one last time so Elissa could see the wallabies. we managed to spot a croc as well.

saying goodbye to Blake was terrible. he has been such a big part of my life here, and he didn't even live in the house this time when Kaye and Roger had students living with them, so I can only imagine how hard it was for the others. I got into the house and just fell apart. today has been worse. I have been fighting the tears on and off all day just thinking about leaving Kaye and Roger. sometimes I can't be bothered to fight them at all. they have been so good to us, spoiled us, and made us feel comfortable and at home ever since we arrived, and I love them for it. the same goes for Blake, his mates, and the teachers at Wanguri. it's difficult to cope with the fact that things are changing. this city and the people I have met here will be in my heart and in my life forever, that's for sure.

ah, enough sap for one day I suppose. until we meet again, Darwin.

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