Monday, December 5, 2011

lessons learned and colloquialisms pt.4

to call in = to drop by (ex: I'm going to call in to Hannah's house after work today)
teddy = any stuffed animal
chook = chicken
whinging/grizzling = complaining
grizzlebum = a complainer (ha!)
  • there is a slightly more inappropriate version of this that I like a lot more
"Good girl!"/"Good boy!" = a common praise
"Good on you!" = "Good for you!"/"Well done!"
bin = trash can
  • I had an embarrassing moment using this word inappropriately in class
tick = checkmark
diary = planner
serviette = dinner napkin
capsicum = bell pepper
doona = quilt
howling = crying
flannel = washcloth
togs/bathers/swimmers = swim suit
gutted = devastated
stuffed = tired
stuffed up/mucked up = messed up, made a mistake
Far out! = "No way!"/"I can't believe it!" - used the same way we might have used it in the '80s :) they say it all the time!
"_____ as" = adding "as" after something is the same as adding "very" before it
  • eg "Work today was busy as!" or "Those gift boxes are cute as!"
icy block = ice pack
popper = juice box
hoover = vacuum cleaner

  • if you feel like there's a bug crawling on you, there's probably a bug crawling on you.
  • sunscreen. lots of it. all the time.
  • everyone will go out on a limb for everyone else. everyone is so helpful and nice, it's impossible not to love it here.
  • I've only been here for 5 weeks, but I see someone I know almost every time I go out. students, teachers, acquaintances... and it doesn't matter whether it's at the market at 8am or when I'm out having drinks past midnight, I always see someone I know. sometimes the same person twice in one day. at completely difference places, hours later. it's incredible.
  • drinking in the staff room at school (albeit after school lets out) is acceptable, and encouraged.
  • everyone was right, Vegemite is an acquired taste. I've tried it 4 more times since my initial Vegemite post. I have to admit, I had a craving for it the other morning. I should get citizenship for this.

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